Zap Zap
Common · Arena 4 A4

Damage 159
Tower damage 48
Spell radius 2.5

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Card stats

Level Damage Dmg Tower damage Tower dmg
1 75 23
2 82 25
3 90 27
4 99 30
5 109 33
6 120 36
7 132 40
8 144 44
Tournament standard 9 159 48
10 174 53
11 192 58
12 210 63
13 231 70
14 (Mirrored) (Mirr.) 254 77

Expert area

Properties and roles of Zap

Air-attacking splash Ground-attacking splash Has reset attack Resets charge attack Anti-air spell Low-damage spell Spell Low-elixir cycle card

Zap counter(s) these cards   31/102

Cards that Zap stop(s) or at least help(s) to mitigate the damage. Dimmed card = less effective, but still a counter.

Skeletons Goblins Spear Goblins Bats Fire Spirits Goblin Gang Inferno Tower Skeleton Army Clone Inferno Dragon Sparky Skeleton Barrel Minion Horde Tombstone Mega Minion Dart Goblin Battle Ram Zappies Wall Breakers Goblin Barrel Dark Prince Freeze Prince Balloon Bandit Fisherman Magic Archer Night Witch Ram Rider Graveyard Lava Hound

Zap synergies   51/102

Cards that play well with Zap. Dimmed card = less effective, but still a synergy.

Ice Spirit Electro Spirit Firecracker Elite Barbarians Mega Minion Fireball Hog Rider Tornado Goblin Giant P.E.K.K.A Miner Princess Electro Wizard Ram Rider Graveyard Fire Spirits Giant Snowball Knight Cannon Skeleton Barrel Skeleton Dragons Minion Horde Royal Giant Ice Golem Dart Goblin Earthquake Mini P.E.K.K.A Battle Ram Flying Machine Zappies Goblin Cage Giant Inferno Tower Royal Hogs Wall Breakers Hunter Poison Dark Prince Prince Balloon Cannon Cart Electro Dragon Executioner Lightning X-Bow Golem Electro Giant The Log Bandit Lava Hound Mega Knight