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Only the best decks. Played by top players on ladder and in challenges. Carefully manually selected and kept up-to-date for the current meta.

About me — pavelfi #PP92RCRC

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Czech player (35), based in Prague, Czech Republic

5.5K+ Co-leader of the official Orange Juice #922VCJ

Representing eSuba eSuba


I love constructive feedback. I always look for ways to make things better, more usable, more useful.

Don't be afraid to let me know.

Most valuable feedback:

  • New feature ideas (e.g. compare two decks, beginner tips for each card)
  • Improvements of the current features (search for the deck name, deck spell damage)
  • Omissions and errors (But… but… Giant Skelly counters Sparky!)

Best way to give the feedback is on the Deck Shop Discord.

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