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Everything you need to be better at Clash Royale. In cooperation with OJ.

Clash Royale Magic Items Guide

Everything you need to know about Magic Items!

Updated: 03/30/2021

Beginners: 5 easy tips to improve

For casual players, no thinking required!

Updated: 08/04/2020

Legendary Odds

Legendary Odds

Chances of getting a Legendary card out of every chest type.

Updated: 08/31/2020


How to be a good 2v2 teammate

There's more to being a good teammate than just being a good player.

Updated: 06/27/2020

Draft Challenge

Draft Challenge Tips

Draft challenges are not only about luck but also about the right choices.

Updated: 03/12/2020



All the terms that are used on Deck Shop and in the Clash Royale community explained.

Updated: 03/12/2020

OLD Clan Wars: A Complete Guide

All you need to know about Clan Wars!

Updated: 06/27/2018

Rage Challenge

Challenge info, decks and tips to help you win!

Updated: 10/18/2018

Sudden Death Challenge Tips

Sudden Death Challenge info and tips to get 9 wins.

Updated: 16/10/2018

Triple Elixir Challenge

Triple Elixir Challenge Tips

Triple Elixir Challenge info and tips to get 12 wins.

Updated: 09/21/2018

Ramp Up Challenge Tips

Ramp Up Challenge info and tips to get 9 wins.

Updated: 01/08/2018


2v2 challenges

Tips to help you to be successful in 2v2 challenges.

Updated: 07/27/2017