Rage Challenge

Rage Challenge

Challenge info, decks and tips to help you win!

Last updated: 10/18/2018

One time rewards

Chest Silverat 1 wins
Cards ×1 Rageat 2 wins
Gold 4 000at 3 wins
Trade Token ×1 Commonat 4 wins
Gold 4 000at 5 wins
Chest Goldat 6 wins
Gold 4 000at 7 wins
Chest Epicat 8 wins
Gold 4 000at 9 wins
Chest Giantat 10 wins
Gold 4 000at 11 wins
Trade Token ×1 Legendaryat 12 wins
Gold 31 000for a full challenge

The challenge

Entry fee 1× Free entry, then Gems 100
Guaranteed prize Gold 700 + Cards 10
Top prize Gold 11 000 + Cards 550


  • Play with a deck you create.
  • Played on a tournament standard.
  • All units behave like under the Rage effect (35% faster movement and attack).
  • Elixir is generated faster (135%).
  • Towers, spawners, and pumps are affected, too.
  • Spells are not affected.
  • Rage effect stacks with the Rage spell and Lumberjack's rage!

Challenge tips

This is a completely new type of challenge. There are a few rules that will affect the decks that you should choose and the way that you'll play. Let's go through them.

I just want to see the decks!

All units behave like under the Rage effect (35% faster movement and attack).

Every troop is better when raged. But there are some that are especially deadly.

Building chasers can get to your towers more quickly. Watch out!

Spawning units will make the arena swarm. Especially the newly-buffed Witch.

Swarm troops will work great, too. When placed behind a tank, they can destroy the tower in an instant.

… and let's not forget about everyone's favorite!

Elixir is generated faster (135%).

Not exactly double elixir, but better than nothing. Still, I wouldn't be reckless about the faster elixir, and I'd be careful about the attacks. You can't just throw units in the arena like you could in double or triple elixir.

Towers, spawners, and pumps are affected, too.

All the towers (King, Princesses, defensive towers) will shoot faster. It should make the defense easier, but I wouldn't rely on it, as there will be a lot of raged troops incoming.

You can use Pump to generate elixir faster. Or spawners to overwhelm your opponent by endless waves of raged units. Not sure if it's a bug or intentional, but the Pump generates 11 elixir!

Spells are not affected.

This means that they will provide less value than they normally do. I wouldn't use more than two spells in the deck. Use units instead: they're raged!

Spells that have instant effects or knock units back are better. There will be a lot of Hordes, so I'd consider Arrows.

Poison works slowly, so even if you poison the Minion Horde in time, it could still deal a lot of damage. And rocket... let’s say you don’t want to “Chief Pat” it.


Using the following spells can surprise your opponent, but they're very situational and if used at the wrong time, they can put you at a big disadvantage.


Rage effect stacks with the Rage spell and Lumberjack's rage!

Yes, you can rage the raged units! Try including the spell or Lumberjack in the deck too for the ultimate speed.

Recommended decks

Few decks for your inspiration, that I think may work in this challenge.

More decks

Good luck in the challenge!


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