Deck 3.5

Deck rating Rating

Defense Defensive potential Great!
Attack Offensive potential Good
Versatility Deck versatility Good
Synergy Deck synergy Mediocre

1 problems 1 warnings Why?

Missing cards in your collection

Deck tips Basics

Following recommendations are only guidelines on how to improve your deck. It may work fine as it is.

PROBLEM No way to deal with the opponent's pump!

When your opponent plays Elixir collector, you have to be able to react accordingly or you're letting him accumulate elixir and then use it against you.

Consider adding one of these:

Let's fix it!

Let's fix it!
Warning No medium or high-damage spell.

It is good to have one medium or high-damage spell in your deck. You can use it to finish opponent's tower or against units clumped together. Consider adding one of these:

Let's fix it!

Let's fix it!

Advanced stuff

Defensive cards Defense


Units that can attack air. It's good to have at least two of them.

Defensive buildings

Defensive buildings in your deck. Having one helps a lot in defense.



Buildings or units that can be played in the back to invest elixir and force the opponent to make the first move.

Offensive cards Attack

Win conditions

Cards that are good in taking enemy towers. Good to have at least one.

Damage spells

Spells in your deck. Having at least one or two is recommended.


Cards that can be played as a immediate response for the opponent playing high-cost unit in the back.

Pump responses

Cards that can be played as a response to opponent playing an Elixir collector.


Dropped at the bridge

Cards that can be dropped at the bridge, either as a chip damage or as a rush attack.

Swarms & Bait Bait

Bait cards

If you have multiple cards that are countered by the same spell, you can play one card to bait the spell, then you can safely play the other card(s).

Against air swarms

Spells and units that can counter air swarms.

Against ground swarms

Spells and units that can counter ground swarms.

Ladder info Ladder


Cards that are good even on lower level. Their key stats are not influenced by the level too much and no key interactions are level-dependent.

Strong when overleveled

Cards that are particularly strong if you have them on higher level. Their key interactions with some cards are changed when they are level or two above the other card.

Weak when underleveled

Cards that are particularly weak if you have them on lower level. Their key interactions with some cards are changed when they are level or two below the other card.

Free-to-play score

For a quick orientation about how easy it is to level up the deck for free-to-play players. The more epics and legendaries it contains, the lower the score.


Geek area

Deck cycle Cycle

Cards ordered by elixir

This allows you to see the elixir cost of the cards more easily.

Shortest cycle

Cheapest 4 cards in the deck to see the cycle potential.


Synergies   2 7

Synergy means that these cards work well when played together. They complement each other to make the attacks or defenses more effective. Dimmed cards mean the synergy is not so effective.


Counters   45 77

Counters to threats

Cards that can defend the main threats your opponent can play. Dimmed cards mean that the counters will only help in defense, not stop the unit completely by itself.

Counters to rest of the cards

Counters to the rest of the cards the opponent can play.

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