Support Deck Shop for free!

You can support Deck Shop directly in Supercell games. It doesn't cost you anything and it really helps!

Buying Pass Royale, offers or gems?

Use the code deckshop.

Launch Clash Royale and go to the Shop tab.

Scroll all the way down and you'll see the Creator Boost section.

Use the code deckshop.

This code works in other Supercell games too! So you can support Deck Shop even if you mainly play Brawl Stars or Clash of Clans. Or Boom Beach!

Check before making an in-app purchase!
The support stops automatically after 7 days. So please make sure that the code is active before making a purchase.

When the code is active and you make any in-app purchase with real money, Supercell gives us a small percentage of it. It works with Pass Royale, Gems, Offers... It doesn't cost you anything but it helps us run and improve Deck Shop!

Thank you for your support!

Buying Pass Royale, offers or gems?

Support Deck Shop! Use the code deckshop.

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