Legendary Arena

A23 Legendary Arena 24 9000

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A22 PANCAKES! 24 8500

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Clash Fest

A21 Clash Fest 24 8000

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Boot Camp

A20 Boot Camp 24 7500

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Dragon Spa

A19 Dragon Spa 24 7000+

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Silent Sanctuary

A18 Silent Sanctuary 24 6500+

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Royal Crypt

A17 Royal Crypt 24 6000+

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Mighty Miner Archer Queen
Executioner's Kitchen

A16 Executioner's Kitchen 24 5500+

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Golden Knight Skeleton King
Miner's Mine

A15 Miner's Mine 24 5000+

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Elixir Collector Mirror Clone Tornado Cannon Cart Fisherman Mother Witch
Serenity Peak

A14 Serenity Peak 22 4600+

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Royal Delivery Elixir Golem Rage Goblin Drill Executioner Lumberjack Night Witch
Rascal's Hideout

A13 Rascal's Hideout 20 4200+

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Firecracker Heal Spirit Bowler Electro Giant Bandit Magic Archer Lava Hound
Spooky Town

A12 Spooky Town 18 3800+

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Rascals Earthquake Wall Breakers Electro Dragon Ice Wizard Royal Ghost Phoenix Graveyard
Electro Valley

A11 Electro Valley 16 3400+

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The Log Miner Princess Electro Wizard Inferno Dragon Ram Rider Sparky Mega Knight
Hog Mountain

A10 Hog Mountain 14 3000+

Nej decky pro Arenu 10
Tesla Minion Horde Elite Barbarians Furnace Zappies Hunter X-Bow Golem
Jungle Arena

A9 Jungle Arena 12 2600+

Nej decky pro Arenu 9
Goblin Gang Skeleton Barrel Dart Goblin Barbarian Hut Barbarian Barrel Poison Goblin Giant
Frozen Peak

A8 Frozen Peak 10 2300+

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Ice Spirit Giant Snowball Ice Golem Battle Healer Freeze Giant Skeleton Lightning
Royal Arena

A7 Royal Arena 8 2000+

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Royal Giant Royal Recruits Royal Hogs Three Musketeers Dark Prince Balloon Prince
P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse

A6 P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse 6 1600+

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Goblin Barrel Guards Skeleton Army Baby Dragon Witch P.E.K.K.A
Builder's Workshop

A5 Builder's Workshop 5 1300+

Nej decky pro Arenu 5
Bats Zap Mortar Flying Machine Hog Rider Rocket
Spell Valley

A4 Spell Valley 4 1000+

Nej decky pro Arenu 4
Electro Spirit Fire Spirit Skeleton Dragons Bomb Tower Inferno Tower Wizard
Barbarian Bowl

A3 Barbarian Bowl 3 600+

Nej decky pro Arenu 3
Cannon Barbarians Mega Minion Battle Ram
Bone Pit

A2 Bone Pit 2 300+

Nej decky pro Arenu 2
Skeletons Bomber Tombstone Valkyrie
Goblin Stadium

A1 Goblin Stadium 1 0+

Nej decky pro Arenu 1
Goblins Spear Goblins Goblin Cage Goblin Hut
Training Camp

Training Camp

Archers Arrows Knight Minions Fireball Mini P.E.K.K.A Musketeer Giant

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