Magic Items

Clash Royale Magic Items Guide

Magic Items were added in the first 2021 Clash Royale update. They help you to upgrade your cards and progress faster!

Stack of Wild Cards Stack of Book of Cards Magic Coin Chest Key

Quick summary

Magic Items help you to upgrade your cards and progress faster. They allow you to better choose what cards to invest in and what to upgrade.
You can get them in: Chests, Pass Royale, Trophy Road, Challenges, Global Tournament and Shop Offers.
Each Magic item has a limit of how many you can have. It usually depends on your King Level.
If you go over the limit, you get gems or gold, depending on the item.
If you buy Magic Items in the Shop, they can go over the limit.
Magic Items unlock at King Level 4!
Common Wild Card Rare Wild Card Epic Wild Card Legendary Wild Card

Wild Card

Use in place of any card you have unlocked.
Limited depending on your King Level and the rarity of the Wild Card.
Common Book Rare Book Epic Book Legendary Book Book of Books

Book of Cards

You can instantly upgrade a card of any level if you have the gold (or the Magic Coin).
普通、稀有、史诗、传奇 + Book of Books
Book of Books allows you to get cards of any rarity.
Magic Coin

Magic Coin

Get all gold required to the next upgrade level of any card.
Upgrade any of your cards for free (it costs you 0 gold). You still have to have the cards (or a Book of Cards).
Chest Key

Chest Key

Instantly open any ladder chest.
Use to unlock your juicy chests instead of waiting or gemming.
Limited to 5–10 at a time based on your King Level.


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