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Clash Royale Level 15 (Elite level)

Clash Royale added a new level. It doesn't bring anything new, it's just more grind.

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Upgrading to level 15 doesn't cost gold and regular cards. It costs Elite Wild Cards (EWC), but a LOT of them. Level 15 units are stronger.
You can get EWC when you are maxed, instead of overflow gold. Also, you can get it in Path of Legends, The Shop and from Magic items.
You get level 15 towers by reaching King level 54.
You can look up the conversion tables elsewhere, but basically RIP not only f2p but p2w as well.
Before converting regular Wild cards to EWC, pause and think if it wouldn't be better to hold on to (at least) Legendary or Champion wild cards. What if a new card is added to the game? Same goes for Books of Cards.
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