New update!

What's new? What has changed?

Cập nhật mới nhất: 01/27/2019

New arena

New spooky arena has been added at 3600 trophies. Shifting Legendary arena to 4000 to correspond with Challenger I league.

New card

One new card is going to be introduced in February, a duo of very fast building chasers, Wall Breakers!

  • They are a building chaser, so they ignore other units.
  • They are very fragile, so without a tank, it is hard to get them to the tower.
  • But if they hit, they do a lot of damage!

See how it compares to similar troops in the table below. Gameplay in the videos at the end!

Số lượng 2 1 4
Máu 275 311 695
Sát thương 400 271 56
Tốc độ tấn công 1.9sec 1.2sec
Tốc độ đi chuyển Rất nhanh Trung bình Rất nhanh
Đuổi theo công trình

Trading update

Trading user interface has been improved! Now you can select up to 4 cards that you offer for the one card that you want.

Two new game modes

Coming to challenges and global tournaments in February.

Other goodies

... và nhiều hơn nữa.

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