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Laatst geüpdate 12/09/2018

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  • Vertalingen
    De bot wordt vertaald in vele talen en we werken eraan om er nog meer toe te voegen.
  • Link conversion Bijgewerkt
    Automatically makes your unreadable friend, clan and deck links pretty.
  • Clan management Bijgewerkt
    Manage your clan more easily and stay on top of what's happening in your clan with the clan log feature! Now with automatic role management!
  • Spelersstatistieken Bijgewerkt
    Check your game stats and chests by typing simple commands.
  • Alt / Mini account
    Do you have a second account? You can save it and track it too.
  • Klassementen Bijgewerkt
    When added to your server, it automatically creates leaderboards of your members using game information.
  • Decks
    Need a deck inspiration? You can list decks by cards, display top decks from the best players and more.
  • Settings & Help
    Fully customize the bot to fit into your server even if you have multiple bots.

About the Bot

The only Clash Royale Discord bot you'll ever need. Using the same data directly from the game as Deck Shop Spy, it provides you with all the stats and decks without the need for you to leave Discord. The bot is created and actively developed by Henry.

Live bot stats:

Datadog Statistieken

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Bot is already used by:

Orange Juice nickatnyte Tribe Team Queso Fans Clash Royale FR CWA Chef Strobel Sandstorm 21 Legend QLASH WHAM x6tence Cast Royale kArLiToSs Liga Divisiones Peru Nova EG CR Cells Sir Tag



!save Bijgewerkt Save (and verify) your player tag
!verify Verify that it's your player tag
!profile Laat spelersprofiel zien
!chests Laat chestcycle zien
!cycle Show complete chest cycle
!clan Show clan info
!deck Show player's deck

Alt / Mini account

!save2 Sla je Spelerstag op
!profile2 Laat spelersprofiel zien
!chests2 Laat chestcycle zien
!cycle2 Show complete chest cycle
!clan2 Show clan info
!deck2 Show player's deck

Clan management

!clanwar / !cw Check your clan's Clan War status
!clanmembers List all your clan members
A !setclanlog Set a channel where to log your clan activity
!clans Clan family overview and settings
A !roles NIEUW Set automatic role management


!topdecks / !topplayers Show decks of top players
!decks Show decks with a card
!share Share a defined deck
!randomdeck / !rd Show random deck


!lb / !leaderboard Show Discord members' leaderboards
!topclans Show top clans
!clanwars / !cws Show top Clan Wars clans

Settings & Help

!info / !help Bot help and command list
!serversettings Show bot-related server settings
A !setlanguage Stel taal in voor de bot
A !setchannels Set the allowed channels
A !setprefix Change the command prefix
A !togglelinks Turns the link conversion on or off.
A !setlinkchannel NIEUW Dedicate channels for friend links only
A !dsresetserver Resets all server settings to default

A / Administrator only This means that the user has to have "Manage Server" or "Administrator" permissions in order to use the command.


Adding the bot

Adding the bot to your server is easy, just click the link above, authorize the bot to access your Discord, give it all the listed permissions and it's done.

Then you can restrict it to only certain channels using the !setchannels command.

En als je een server in een andere taal hebt, stel je de taal in die de bot gebruikt met de opdracht !setlanguage.

What are the permissions for?

They allow the bot to work properly and interact with your channels.

  • Lees berichten: Without it, the bot wouldn't be able to listen to your commands.
  • Beheer berichten: When you paste a friend / deck link, the bot makes it pretty and deletes your original message.
  • Bestanden bijvoegen: To some commands the bot replies with an attached image.
  • Manage Webhooks: If you want to use the clan log. (optional)
  • Stuur berichten: Bot needs this to be able to display the results of your commands.
  • Embed links: Allows the bot to use links to Deck Shop to show you more stats, decks etc.
  • Gebruik Externe Emojis: All of the chest, arena and card images are emojis built into the bot.
  • NIEUW Rollen Beheren: Bot needs this to do automatic role management.


Door de opdracht !setlanguage te gebruiken, kun je instellen dat de bot werkt in een van de ondersteunde talen.

We zijn continu aan het werk om meer talen toe te voegen!

🇺🇸 English
🇧🇷 Português
🇪🇸 Español
🇩🇪 Deutsch
🇫🇷 Français
🇮🇹 Italiano
🇷🇺 Русский
🇹🇷 Türkçe
🇨🇿 Česky
🇸🇰 Slovensky
🇵🇱 Polski
🇷🇴 Română
🇦🇪 العربيّة
🇻🇳 Tiếng Việt
🇨🇳 Chinese (Simplified)

You've been there. You want to share a friend link for other people to add you, but it is long and ugly and people have no idea what they are clicking on and who you are.

Now you can just paste or share the link in a channel and the bot will convert these links automatically:

Voor Erna

Much better, isn't it?

If, for some reason, you don't want the links to be converted, you can turn this feature off with !togglelinks command.


The bot allows you to save your main profile and your alt / mini account. Commands for the second account end in '2'.



Save your player tag to be able to use the following commands without the need to type it every time. You can provide the API token and verify your account right away. Verification is not available for the Alt / Mini accounts.

If you want to appear on the leaderboards, you have to have your tag saved.


!verify APITOKEN

Verify that the player tag that you saved is really yours. This is required before using some commands.

Verification is not available for the Alt / Mini accounts.

Example usage:

!verify 2fpgjb92




Show your player profile info and stats.



Show your chest cycle.



Receive a direct message with your complete chest cycle.



Show your clan info.



Show your current deck.


!topdecks [LOCATIE] / !topplayers

Show decks of players on the top of the leaderboard.

Example usage:


!topdecks sk

!topdecks Canada


!decks [KAART]

Show the best Clash Royale decks with a certain card.

Example usage:


!decks ma

!decks InfernoD


!share 8 Kaarten

Share a deck containing the 8 cards listed.

Example usage:

!share ebarbs rage arrows zap log rg horde freeze

!share InfernoD MegaKnight IceWiz Hog Tornado Log Fireball Skarmy


!randomdeck [ELIXIR] / !rd

Create a completely random deck with a specified elixir cost.


AEC means Average Elixir Cost.

Clan management Bijgewerkt

!clanwar / !cw

Show a quick overview of your clan's Clan War status.

!clanmembers [PARAMETER] / !clanm

Show clan members overview. With the optional "all" parameter, you can list all the members and their saved Discord usernames.

Example usage:


!clanmembers all

!clanmembers donations


!setclanlog KANAAL [disable] Administrator only

In order to use deze command, you need to be a verified leader / co-leader of the clan!
The bot also needs to have "Manage Webhooks" permissions, otherwise the command won't work.

Set a channel in which to log all the clan activity from the clan that you lead.

It is recommended to create a new channel for the clan log. Clan logs are updated approximately every 2 minuten.

Clan changes that are logged:

Example usage:

!setclanlog #clan_log

!setclanlog #clan_log disable



!clans SET PARAMETER [Waarde] Administrator only

!clans RESET PARAMETER Administrator only

Show a fully customizable clan family overview. Lists all the clans with the enabled clan log on the current server. This command adds and removes clans automatically as you enable/disable clan logging.


The command has multiple parameters, so it may seem complicated, but most of it is just to set it up, you don't need to do that. If you need help, you can display all the arguments with !clans set.


  • geen filter = Clan score
  • trophies (score) Clan score
  • war (cw) Clan oorlog trofeeën
  • members (m) leden aantal
  • donations (d) donaties per week
  • requirements (req) minimum requirements
  • name (n) clan name (alphabetically)


  • geen filter = van hoog naar laag
  • high (desc) van hoog naar laag
  • low (asc) van laag naar hoog


  • Leeg = display all the possible parameters
  • description Tekst = command description, markdown and emojis are supported
  • color HEX_KLEUR = embed color, has to be a valid hex color
  • titleName Tekst = Tekst titel
  • titleLink URL = destination url when you click the title
  • titleImg URL = small icon next to the title
  • thumbnail URL = Grotere afbeelding in de rechterbovenhoek
  • footerText Tekst = tekst in de voettekst
  • footerImg URL = kleine afbeelding in de voettekst
  • timestamp = timestamp in the footer
  • limit Nummer = how many clans to list (default = all)
  • disable = schakel deze opdracht uit

Example usage:

!clans display all your family clans ordered by clan score

!clans cw display all your family clans ordered by clan war trophies

!clans members low display all your family clans ordered by member count from low to high

!clans set description Cool new description set description to a custom text

!clans reset description reset description to its default value (empty)

!clans set disable schakel deze opdracht uit



!roles GET

!roles SET CLANTAG Administrator only

!roles SET CLANTAG CLAN_ROL DISCORD_ROLE Administrator only

!roles REMOVE CLANTAG Administrator only

Allows you to set up automatic role management. Your clan Elders can get a special @Elder role for example. It is a very flexible command, but quite easy to set up.

Once set up, the roles are managed automatically. When members are promoted/demoted, leave the clan or come back or save their tag for the first time.

Things to know before the setup

Setting up automatic roles

Repeat this procedure for each family clan in your Discord server.

  1. !roles set CLANTAG — This will enable automatic roles for your clan.
  2. !roles set CLANTAG Members @ClanMember — This will add @ClanMember role to your clan members.
  3. !roles set CLANTAG Elders @ClanElder — This will add @ClanElder role to your clan Elders.
  4. !roles set CLANTAG CoLeaders @ClanLeaders — This will add @ClanLeaders role to your clan Co-leaders and Leader.
  5. !roles set CLANTAG Guests @Guests — This will add @Guests role to all server members that are not in your clan(s).

If you want your Elders and Co-leaders to also have a @ClanMember role, you have to set it up separately.

  1. !roles set CLANTAG Elders @ClanMember
  2. !roles set CLANTAG CoLeaders @ClanMember


Something is not working? Maybe this will help.


Example usage:

!roles list all server clans with automatic role management active

!roles get manual refresh of your roles

!roles set 922VCJ enable automatic role management for the clan

!roles set 922VCJ Elders @ClanElder assign @ClanElders role to all Elders in the clan

!roles set 922VCJ Elders reset resets all assigned roles for clan Elders

!roles remove 922VCJ remove all roles from the clan


If you want to appear on the leaderboards, you have to have your tag saved. See the !save command.

Second accounts are not part of the leaderboards yet.

!lb [globaal?] [TYPE] [Niveau?] [GEVERIFIEERD?] / !leaderboard

Show a local Discord leaderboard that includes all the members that saved their player tag. Different leaderboards are available using parameters.


The command has multiple parameters, so it may seem complicated, but the order is logical and you can filter the leaderboards to your liking. If you need help, you can display all the arguments with !lb args.


  • Leeg = display leaderboard for the current discord server
  • global (g) = display global leaderboard from all discord servers

TYPE Bijgewerkt

  • geen filter = display trophy leaderboard
  • personalbest (best, pb)
  • donations (don, d)
  • 3crowns (3c, threecrowns, crowns, tcw)
  • cardswon (cards)
  • battles (b)
  • wins (w)
  • draws (dr)
  • losses (l)
  • win% (percentage, %)
  • warwins (ww)
  • collectedcards (clancards, cc)
  • clans (cl) Totale clans toegetreden
  • tournaments (tp) Tornooien gespeeld
  • hosted (h) tournaments hosted
  • friendly (fb) Vriendschappelijke gevechten gewonnen
  • challengewins (ch) max challenge wins, sorted by trophies in case of tie
  • time (t) time spent playing in days


  • Leeg = players of all levels displayed
  • lvl1–lvl13 (l1–l13, level1–level13) = filter leaderboards to display only players of a given level


  • Leeg = global leaderboard will display only verified users, server leaderboards will display all users
  • verified (v) = display only verified users on the leaderboard
  • nofilter (nf) = display all users on the leaderboard

Example usage:

!lb local leaderboard of all server members sorted by trophies

!lb warwins local leaderboard of all server members sorted by war wins

!lb cc verified local leaderboard of verified server members sorted by collected clan cards

!lb g personalbest lvl11 global leaderboard of verified level 11 players sorted by personal best

!lb g battles lvl8 nofilter global leaderboard of all level 8 players sorted by battle count

!topclans [LOCATIE]

Show top clan leaderboard.

Example usage:


!topclans sk

!topclans Canada


!clanwars [LOCATIE] / !cws

Show top Clan Wars clan leaderboard.

Example usage:


!clanwars sk

!clanwars Canada


Settings & Help

!info [here] / !help

Receive a direct message from the bot with detailed help with all the commands and other useful links and information.



Detailed permission and server settings overview. Let's you know if everything is set up correctly.

!setlanguage [TAAL] Administrator only

Set the language in which the bot will reply in the current server.

Example usage:

!setlanguage es

!setlanguage Español


!setchannels [KANALEN] Administrator only

Limit the bot only to certain channels that you specify to avoid spamming in other channels.

Empty parameter = allow bot to every channel on your server.

Channels are separated by a space, example usage:

!setchannels #bot #clan_recruitment #friend_invites

!setprefix [Voorvoegsel] Administrator only

Change the prefix of all the commands to avoid possible collisions with other bots. Usually, you don't have to touch this.

Empty parameter = set the default prefix.

The default prefix is !

Turn the link conversion for your server on or off.



!setlinkchannel ADD KANAAL Administrator only

!setlinkchannel REMOVE KANAAL Administrator only

Restrict up to 2 channels to allow only friend links to be posted there. Everything else anyone types into those channels will be deleted. Useful for keeping things clean.


!dsresetserver Administrator only

CAUTION! Last-resort command to get you out of any trouble. Resets all the server settings to default. It can be called from any channel with the default "!" prefix.

Parameter values


Door de opdracht !setlanguage te gebruiken, kun je instellen dat de bot werkt in een van de ondersteunde talen.

🇺🇸 en English
🇧🇷 br Português
🇪🇸 es Español
🇩🇪 de Deutsch
🇫🇷 fr Français
🇮🇹 it Italiano
🇷🇺 ru Русский
🇹🇷 tr Türkçe
🇨🇿 cs Česky
🇸🇰 sk Slovensky
🇵🇱 pl Polski
🇷🇴 ro Română
🇦🇪 ar العربيّة
🇻🇳 vi Tiếng Việt
🇨🇳 cn Chinese (Simplified)


Cards are used as a parameter for the deck commands.



Locations are used as a parameter for the leaderboard commands.

global Global europe Europe north-america North America south-america South America asia Asia australia Australia africa Africa international International af Afghanistan ax Åland Islands al Albania dz Algeria as American Samoa ad Andorra ao Angola ai Anguilla aq Antarctica ag Antigua and Barbuda ar Argentina am Armenia aw Aruba ac Ascension Island au Australia at Austria az Azerbaijan bs Bahamas bh Bahrain bd Bangladesh bb Barbados by Belarus be Belgium bz Belize bj Benin bm Bermuda bt Bhutan bo Bolivia ba Bosnia and Herzegovina bw Botswana bv Bouvet Island br Brazil io British Indian Ocean Territory vg British Virgin Islands bn Brunei bg Bulgaria bf Burkina Faso bi Burundi kh Cambodia cm Cameroon ca Canada ic Canary Islands cv Cape Verde bq Caribbean Netherlands ky Cayman Islands cf Central African Republic ea Ceuta and Melilla td Chad cl Chile cn China cx Christmas Island cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands co Colombia km Comoros cg Congo (DRC) cd Congo (Republic) ck Cook Islands cr Costa Rica ci Côte d’Ivoire hr Croatia cu Cuba cw Curaçao cy Cyprus cz Czech Republic dk Denmark dg Diego Garcia dj Djibouti dm Dominica do Dominican Republic ec Ecuador eg Egypt sv El Salvador gq Equatorial Guinea er Eritrea ee Estonia et Ethiopia fk Falkland Islands fo Faroe Islands fj Fiji fi Finland fr France gf French Guiana pf French Polynesia tf French Southern Territories ga Gabon gm Gambia ge Georgia de Germany gh Ghana gi Gibraltar gr Greece gl Greenland gd Grenada gp Guadeloupe gu Guam gt Guatemala gg Guernsey gn Guinea gw Guinea-Bissau gy Guyana ht Haiti hm Heard & McDonald Islands hn Honduras hk Hong Kong hu Hungary is Iceland in India id Indonesia ir Iran iq Iraq ie Ireland im Isle of Man il Israel it Italy jm Jamaica jp Japan je Jersey jo Jordan kz Kazakhstan ke Kenya ki Kiribati xk Kosovo kw Kuwait kg Kyrgyzstan la Laos lv Latvia lb Lebanon ls Lesotho lr Liberia ly Libya li Liechtenstein lt Lithuania lu Luxembourg mo Macau mk Macedonia (FYROM) mg Madagascar mw Malawi my Malaysia mv Maldives ml Mali mt Malta mh Marshall Islands mq Martinique mr Mauritania mu Mauritius yt Mayotte mx Mexico fm Micronesia md Moldova mc Monaco mn Mongolia me Montenegro ms Montserrat ma Morocco mz Mozambique mm Myanmar (Burma) na Namibia nr Nauru np Nepal nl Netherlands nc New Caledonia nz New Zealand ni Nicaragua ne Niger ng Nigeria nu Niue nf Norfolk Island kp North Korea mp Northern Mariana Islands no Norway om Oman pk Pakistan pw Palau ps Palestine pa Panama pg Papua New Guinea py Paraguay pe Peru ph Philippines pn Pitcairn Islands pl Poland pt Portugal pr Puerto Rico qa Qatar re Réunion ro Romania ru Russia rw Rwanda bl Saint Barthélemy sh Saint Helena kn Saint Kitts and Nevis lc Saint Lucia mf Saint Martin pm Saint Pierre and Miquelon ws Samoa sm San Marino st São Tomé and Príncipe sa Saudi Arabia sn Senegal rs Serbia sc Seychelles sl Sierra Leone sg Singapore sx Sint Maarten sk Slovakia si Slovenia sb Solomon Islands so Somalia za South Africa kr South Korea ss South Sudan es Spain lk Sri Lanka vc St. Vincent & Grenadines sd Sudan sr Suriname sj Svalbard and Jan Mayen sz Swaziland se Sweden ch Switzerland sy Syria tw Taiwan tj Tajikistan tz Tanzania th Thailand tl Timor-Leste tg Togo tk Tokelau to Tonga tt Trinidad and Tobago ta Tristan da Cunha tn Tunisia tr Turkey tm Turkmenistan tc Turks and Caicos Islands tv Tuvalu um U.S. Outlying Islands vi U.S. Virgin Islands ug Uganda ua Ukraine ae United Arab Emirates gb United Kingdom us United States uy Uruguay uz Uzbekistan vu Vanuatu va Vatican City ve Venezuela vn Vietnam wf Wallis and Futuna eh Western Sahara ye Yemen zm Zambia zw Zimbabwe

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