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Take a look to see what changed. Last updated: 10/09/2017

Share and copy decks from outside the game

Revamped shop

Other small changes and improvements

Touchdown Mode

  • Completely new game mode, without towers!
  • You score a crown by getting any of your troops to the opponent's side of the arena. The match ends when you get 3 crowns or after 3 minutes. There is also a Sudden death overtime.
  • It is limited to Draft 2v2 for now.
  • (Cannon Cart and Bomb Tower are actually good in this mode.)

Ladder Bonus Rewards

  • Time-limited events that allows you to get gold or gems for destroying enemy towers on ladder.
  • Only in 1v1.
  • Towers get a new shiny gold skin.
  • (Scoring gems for destroyed towers (even if you don't win) sounds pretty good, doesn't it?)

New 2v2 Emotes and Rematch

  • You have the option to rematch with your teammate! Even with a random one.
  • You can play 2v2 challenges with your friends. Good bye random teammates ruining your way to 12 wins.
  • After each 2v2 match, you can chat with your teammate with predefined phrases. Your opponents don't see them.
  • (Now you can BM not only during the match, but afterwards too!)

Improved Challenges

  • There are new challenge types.
  • Casual challenges are not over after 3 losses, you can play until you get all the rewards.
  • In some challenges, you score with the crowns, not with the wins.
  • Multi-stage challenges allow you to join the next stage only after finishing the previous.
  • Mirror Challenge gives you and your opponent (or opponents, if it's 2v2) exactly the same decks.
  • (There's usually Mirror, Golem, Royal Giant, Heal and Bomb Tower in it. So much fun!)

Quest Points

  • Each finished quest will give you Quest Points.
  • Collect Quest Points to unlock epic rewards.
  • Some quests can be free (collect a Daily gift), others are very simple (Play Archers 20 times), for the rest, you'll need to work a bit more (Win 10 times in 1v1, 2v2 or Challenge).
  • You can skip one quest per day.


  • Quest Points are used to unlock big chests as a reward. Including Epic, Legendary or Supermagical!
  • Each finished quest will also give you additional rewards (cards, gold, gems).

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