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Last updated: 06/19/2018

Sneak peek #2 – New Emotes! ... and more.

Ladder improvements

Trophy reset calculator

There will be no fixed trophy reset values (4300, 4600), but the reset will be calculated by your season finish trophies. Trophies above 4000 will be reduced by 50%. (And capped at 5800.)

If your trophies are below 4000, this is not for you.

Season end trophies

Reset to

Economy improvements

New Emotes!

... and more.

Sneak peek #1 – New Cards!

Two new cards are coming with the update. A win condition and a spell! It's been a long time since Clash Royale introduced either one of those types of cards. And they are strong and fun to play!

Giant Snowball Giant Snowball

Giant Snowball

Common 2 Arena 8

A cheap spell that knocks back, damages and slows down.

Counter to

It's a good counter to light swarm units.

Or to knock back medium units.

Beware! It doesn't knock back big units.

It doesn't reset the charge or the targeting!


You can use it to clear the way of the rushing attackers.

Or in beatdown decks to get rid of swarm units.

It's harder to use together with other big spells due to the knock back.


Using Snowball to knock back defending units.

How to counter Barrel with Giant Snowball.

Defending Horde with Snowball.

Defending Princess with Snowball.

Royal Hogs Royal Hogs

Royal Hogs

Rare 5 Arena 10

Four hogs that attack buildings.


Best countered with splash or swarm units.

Towers and spells work too.

Traditional Hog counters don't work!


You can build a deck around it with spells and support units.

It works together with a second rush card as a surprise.

Split attack with 3M.

Countering Royal Hogs with Furnace.

Split attack on towers and Pump.

Putting Royal Hogs behind a tank.

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