New update!

What's new? What has changed?

Last updated: 06/30/2019

Pass Royale Pass Royale

Great improvement for small spenders and free-to-play players too!

Free to play

  • Improved crown chests
  • Less stress from everyday crown-chest duties
  • A possibility for a free legendary

Purchased Pass Royale

  • Ability to queue chest unlock!
  • Unlimited free challenge retries!
  • Improved crown chests
  • Special Pass Royale chests
  • Strikes on crown and Pass Royale chests
  • Tower Skins
  • Exclusive emotes
  • Shiny gold name

How does it work?

Crown chest rework

Crown chests have been greatly improved. You still unlock them with crowns, but ...

New arena

Legendary arena has been replaced with a boat arena for this season.

New card

One new card is going to be introduced in this update, a Fisherman with a completely new mechanic!

  • He pulls units towards him and damages them.
  • Once close, he attacks with melee damage that slows the units.
  • He can also pull himself towards the nearest enemy building!

Gameplay in the videos at the end!

New game modes

Coming to challenges and global tournaments soon.

Other goodies

... and more.

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