2v2 challenges

Tips to help you to be successful in 2v2 challenges. Last updated: 07/27/2017

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How to be a good 2v2 teammate

There's more to being a good teammate than just being a good player.

Updated: 07/27/2017

2v2 Double Elixir Challenge

Don't take pump

This mode is so spammy and fast, that you'll never get any value out of it. You'll be either overran or the pump will be destroyed with a spell.

Spells provide extremely good value!

More elixir = more units on the field = more spell damage value. With so much elixir, it is a really viable win condition too.

Take splash damage, avoid swarm units

More elixir = more units on the field = more splash value.

Big tanks are not bad, even more than one

With more elixir, you can afford big tanks and still defend. And with their high HP, they will eventually accumulate and you can snowball the opponents.

Also, with many more swarm troops on the field, they will be harder to deal with using PEKKA or Inferno Dragon / Tower. They'll have trouble locking on them.

Space out your troops

It's really important to space out the troops that die to mid-damage spells. Don't give your opponents too much value.


2v2 Sudden Death Challenge

General tips still apply!

Hover your cards

Hovering is the best way to signal your intentions and to prevent overcommits on defense and offense. Do that as much as you can.

Understand the challenge

Sudden death means that the team that gets the first tower wins immediately. This completely changes how to approach the strategy.

Your goal is to destroy ONE enemy tower as soon as possible. And to be faster in doing so than your opponent.

Make adjustments to your deck

It makes no sense to play a Pump or to start a slow push only to be rushed by the opponents at the bridge.

Your favorite deck may work well on ladder or in challenges, maybe even in regular 2v2s, but there's a good chance it won't work in this challenge.

Good and bad card choices

Direct damage is the king. You can defend units, but you can't defend Rockets.

Tornado works really well, it can delay your death and give you the time to destroy the enemy tower. In this mode, it doesn't matter that the accumulated push would 3-crown you later.

DON'T do these things

HOVER. Your. Cards.

I know it is mentioned already, but it is so important that I feel it's not mentioned enough.

Cannon Cart 2v2 Draft Challenge

See: General drafting tips Check out general 2v2 tips below too. But on top of all that, there are more things to consider.

Don't draft fast, take turns with your teammate.

It is a good strategy to wait between each of your picks to see what your teammate has drafted. If you pick everything at once, without looking at his/her cards (and also at what cards were given to your opponents), you risk that you pick two similar cards instead of cards that complement each other.

Certain cards are even better in 2v2.

In 2v2, there are more units in the same-sized arena at the same time. Splash units / spells get much more value. Direct damage will help you to finish the towers. Try to aim for those.

Find out your opponents' spells before committing a lot.

It is tempting to do a big double push at the start, but without knowing what spells your opponents have, you're both risking. And you can be sure they have at least two or three.

Same goes for defense, if you know they have Lightning, you can't stack Musketeer and a Witch to defend a Hog.

HOVER your cards. Please.

Or did I mention it already?

Good luck with your 2v2s!