Royal Recruits Challenge

Royal Recruits Challenge

Challenge info, decks and tips to help you win!

Last updated: 07/20/2018

One time rewards

Gold 500 at 1 wins
Gold 1 000 at 2 wins
Gold 1 500 at 3 wins
Gold 2 000 at 4 wins
Gold 2 500 at 5 wins
Gold 3 000 at 6 wins
Cards ×10 Royal Recruits at 8 wins
Chest Lightning at 10 wins
Cards ×800 Royal Recruits at 12 wins
Gold 21 500for a full challenge

The challenge

Entry fee 1× Free entry, then Gems 100
Guaranteed prize Gold 700 + Cards 10
Top prize Gold 11 000 + Cards 550


  • It is a draft challenge.
  • You or your opponent have a chance to draft Royal Recruits.
  • All cards are leveled up to a tournament standard.

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Draft Challenge

Draft Challenge Tips

Draft challenges are not only about luck but also about the right choices.

Challenge tips Challenge tips

Pick or not to pick?

PICK! Definitely pick them. It is a very strong and versatile defensive card. You can’t go wrong, and there are no obvious hard counters to it.

Play patiently, play safe

This is a universal tip for any match. Don't rush, play patiently, make positive elixir trades on defense, counterpush with your remaining troops etc. If you risk, dump all your elixir at the bridge, hoping to surprise your enemy, there's a high chance you'll fail. Especially against better players.

Royal Recruits

Royal Recruits

Common · Arena 7

Strong defensive ground swarm with shields covering the whole width of the arena.

Royal Recruits
Royal Recruits


They’re so spread out, spells don’t work on them. Plus, they have shields.


Best countered by splash troops:

Or pulled to the middle by tanky troops:

They can be countered with air troops:


It is a very versatile card, so it can be a part of almost any deck. Time will tell how the meta evolves, and what decks they fit in best.

They work well with split-pushing cards:

They counter

They are great at defending split pushes:

They have lots of hp and shields, so they counter non-splash units well:

Good luck in the challenge!

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Draft Challenge

Draft Challenge Tips

Draft challenges are not only about luck but also about the right choices.

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