Pro Deck Challenge

Pro Deck Challenge

Challenge info, decks and tips to help you win!

Last updated: 03/07/2018

One time rewards

Gold 200at 2 wins
Gold 300at 3 wins
Gold 500at 4 wins
Gold 800at 5 wins
Gold 1 200at 6 wins
Gold 1 700at 7 wins
Gold 2 300at 8 wins
Gold 3 000at 9 wins
Gold 11 100for a full challenge

The challenge

Entry fee 1 Free entry, then Gems 10
Guaranteed prize Gold 130 + Cards 2
Top prize Gold 1 100 + Cards 50


  • It is a blind deck challenge.
  • You and your opponent are going to play one of the predefined decks.
  • All cards are leveled up to a tournament standard.

Challenge tips

Learn the decks in advance

Take a look at each deck in the challenge and identify the main things about it:

With these questions, you're able to find out the deck's strengths and weaknesses and to use them to your advantage.

Identify your opponent's deck fast

If you prepare in advance, you can usually identify, which deck the opponent plays at the beginning of the match. Then it will be easier to know what to do and what not to do.

More information on how to play each deck archetype is below.

Things to notice about the challenge decks

Looking at all the decks, you can notice some interesting things about them.


Almost classic Hog cycle decks. Watch out for Tornado, play Hog when you know your opponent is low on elixir or doesn't have a good counter in hand, ideally as a support for units remaining from a previous defense.


Very strong and popular deck type. The combination of Dark Prince + Battle Ram + Ghost or Bandit + some spell is really difficult to defend. First, you need to defend the opponent's push, then if you have any remaining units, spam Ram and DP at the bridge and go for it!


The goal with playing these decks is to create a big push with the tank (Golem, Giant) and support it with other units. You can take a little bit of damage on the second tower. Or lose it completely and go for 3-crown.


Both of the decks are quite cheap, so you can cycle X-Bow very quickly. But play it only after the opponent plays his tank or when you have more elixir, so you'll be able to defend it. Playing a pump to bait the big spell is an option too.


The only one bait deck in the challenge, no big spell in it, but every unit is practically a bait unit, so this deck works well. You have to keep track of what spells the opponent plays and then use units that he has problem defending. (No The Log in hand = trouble with Barrel or GobGang.)

Good luck in the challenge!