Mega Knight

Mega Knight Challenge Tips

Mega Knight challenge info and tips to get 12 wins. Last updated: 08/24/2017

The challenge

Entry fee 1 Free entry, then Gems 100
Guaranteed prize Gold 700 + Cards 10
Top prize Gold 11 000 + Cards 550
Rules • Play with a deck you create.
• The deck must contain Mega Knight.
• You can use all the cards, even those you don't have!

One time rewards

Gold 1 500at 2 wins
Gems 100at 5 wins
Chest Giantat 8 wins
Gold 15 000at 10 wins
Mega Knightat 12 wins

Challenge tips

Play early

In the first few hours of the challenge, it is usually the easiest to win. As the time goes by, the challenge meta shifts, the players learn to counter the card and it gets harder.

You can use all the cards

You can use all the cards (legendaries!), even if you don't have them unlocked or you are in the lower arena. You are not limited in the decks you can try! But if you really want to win, it is better to stick with what you know. If you normally play Hog, then don't try other cards you don't have only because you can.

Everyone will have Mega Knight

You must use decks that take it into account. You need to have counters to the enemy Mega Knight and you must support your own Mega Knight. See below for more specific tips.

Play patiently, play safe

This is a universal tip for any match. Don't rush, play patiently, make positive elixir trades on defense, counterpush with your remaining troops etc. If you risk, dump all your elixir at the bridge, hoping to surprise your enemy, there's a high chance you'll fail. Especially against better players.

Check Deck Shop for new deck ideas

As pros on twitter and youtubers share new decks, the challenge meta shifts, which means that what worked in the first day, may not work the second day. Make sure to come back here to check the current best decks for the challenge.

Mega Knight

Mega Knight

7 · Legendary Leg. · Arena 10 A10

Heavy ground melee tank unit with splash damage that doesn't attack air. It is deployed into the arena in a similar way to eWiz, with a splash, that does double damage, but also doesn't hit air.


It doesn't hit air, so air units are a good counter:

It has a lot of HP, so a tank killer is a good counter too:

It has a splash damage, so you need something a bit tanky:


It is not a win condition, you better get one:

It is quite expensive, so Pump may come in handy:

It doesn't attack air, so anti-air spells and units will help:

Recommended decks

Few decks for your inspiration, that I think may work in this challenge.

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Good luck in the challenge!