Magic Archer

Magic Archer Draft Challenge Tips

Magic Archer draft challenge info and tips to get 12 wins and unlock the card early. Last updated: 02/15/2018

The challenge

Entry fee 1 Free entry, then Gems 100
Guaranteed prize Gold 700 + Cards 10
Top prize Gold 11 000 + Cards 550


  • It is a draft challenge.
  • You or your opponent have a chance to draft Magic Archer.
  • All cards are leveled up to a tournament standard.

One time rewards

Gold 1 000at 2 wins
Cards ×20 Rareat 4 wins
Gold 3 000at 6 wins
Cards ×5 Epicat 8 wins
Gold 10 000at 10 wins
Cards Magic Archerat 12 wins
Gold 25 000for a full challenge

Make sure to check out this Guide first!

Draft Challenge

Draft Challenge Tips

Draft challenges are not only about luck but also about the right choices.

Updated: 06/12/2017

Play early

In the first few hours of the challenge, it is usually easier to win. As the time goes by, the players learn to play with the new card and to counter it, so it gets harder.

Pick or not to pick?

It is a card requiring skill and precise placements. But it is a unit with completely new mechanics, so the interactions will be new and the opponent will have a hard time defending it effectively. I'd most definitely pick it!

Magic Archer

Magic Archer

4 · Legendary Leg. · Arena 11 A11

Ranged ground unit with arrow passing through all the enemies with splash damage. Health and hit speed as a Flying Machine, damage as an Ice Spirit and range as a Royal Giant (roughly). Dies to Fireball and Poison.


The biggest counters – spells. It dies to Fireball!


It is quite fragile, so splash units counter it:

You can use something a bit tanky to distract it:


It is not a win condition, you better get one:

Use spells to complement it on defense and offense:

Use it as a spell bait and then punish!

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Good luck in the challenge!