Flying Machine

Flying Machine Draft Challenge Tips

Flying Machine draft challenge info and tips to get 12 wins and unlock the card early. Last updated: 09/22/2017

The challenge

Entry fee 1 Free entry, then Gems 100
Guaranteed prize Gold 700 + Cards 10
Top prize Gold 11 000 + Cards 550


  • It is a draft challenge.
  • You or your opponent have a chance to draft Flying Machine.
  • All cards are leveled up to a tournament standard.

One time rewards

Gold 2 500at 2 wins
Gold 5 000at 5 wins
Cards ×10 Rareat 8 wins
Gold 15 000at 10 wins
Cards ×100 Rareat 12 wins
Gold 33 500for a full challenge

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Draft Challenge

Draft Challenge Tips

Draft challenges are not only about luck but also about the right choices.

Updated: 06/12/2017

Pick or not to pick?

It is a card requiring skill and precise placements. Not a Mega Knight that can be played in a bad spot and still survive. I'd say it's 50-50, pick it if you're confident. Otherwise, try to pick counters to it and give it to the opponent.

Flying Machine

Flying Machine

4 · Rare · Arena 9 A9

A little bit more fragile flying Musketeer. A good support unit played on defense and used to counterpush later. Protect it from spells and air-targeting units! Here are some cards to pick.


The biggest counters – spells. It dies to Fireball!


It is quite fragile, so air-targeting units counter it:

You can use something a bit tanky to distract it:


It is not a win condition, you better get one:

Use spells to complement it on defense and offense:


Use it as a spell bait and then punish!

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Good luck in the challenge!