Dragon Hunt

Dragon Hunt

Dragon Hunt decks and tips to help you win!

Last updated: 06/07/2019

You don't have to get the egg each time

Getting the Dragon egg is good, but it shouldn't be at all costs. Sometimes, you're in a bad rotation and you know the opponent will get it faster. Let him get it and defend.

Wasting your own units is not worth it. If you're able to defend successfully, you can get the next egg.

I just want to see the decks!

Faster decks work better

Dragon egg is spawned each 30 seconds. That favors faster decks. If you try to start a push from the back, you're giving the opponent a big advantage.

See below for deck tips.

Pick at least one high-damage card

You need to have at least one or two high-damage cards to be able to get the egg.

See below for cards tips.

Inferno tower is the best card

For this game mode, it is absolutely essential to pick Inferno tower. It can get the egg and survive to defend.

Good cards

High-damage cards to get the egg faster than your opponent.

Spells to win the Inferno-Inferno battles.

Bad cards

Tanks are not ideal for this challenge, it takes them too long to damage the egg.

Certain buildings provide very little value and are easily killed by the dragons.

Best Dragon Hunt decks

More decks

Good luck in the challenge!

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