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Clash Royale Clips

Short videos to teach you how to play

BETA This section is still being built. Videos for all the cards, advanced filtering and much more coming soon!

The power of Magic Archer

Example of a good use of Magic Archer.

Attack Advanced

Countering Barrel

How to counter Barrel with Magic Archer.

Defense Advanced

Activating King with Magic Archer

Using Tornado and Ice Spirit.

Defense Expert

3M defense with Magic Archer

Aggressive split 3M defense with Magic Archer.

Defense Expert

Damage when ignored

How much damage to the tower the unit does when ignored.

Attack Basic

Sniping the King

You can reach the King tower when the opponent plants something in the middle.

Attack Advanced

Countering Magic Archer with Bats

Proper timing and positioning for the most effective counter.

Defense Advanced

The best way to deal with Magic Archer

But be careful about the opponent trying to bait the spell.

Defense Basic

Expert defense with Magic Archer

Use this as an inspiration.

Defense Expert

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