Cards by property

Specific card-related properties that affect the card interactions.

Building Defensive tower Spell High-damage spell Low-damage spell Big tank Mini tank Air-attacking splash Ground-attacking splash Swarm troop Ground troop Air troop Melee attacker troop Ranged attacker troop Multitarget ranged attacker Dies to Zap Dies to Arrows Dies to Fireball Dies to Poison Dies to Lightning Dies to Rocket Spawner building Resettable attacker Has reset attack Knockback effect Building chaser Dangerous after death Anti-air unit High-damage anti-air unit High-damage anti-ground unit Anti-air spell Medium-damage spell Dies to Tornado Dies to The Log Strong when overleveled Weak when underleveled Level independent Low-elixir cycle card Siege tower Generates elixir Ground to ground threat Ground to ground distraction Charge attack Resets charge attack Can activate king Zap Bait Arrows Bait Log Bait Fireball Bait Poison Bait Lightning Bait Rocket Bait Snowball Bait Dies to Snowball Tornado Bait

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