Cards by flag

General meta-related card flags that affect the gameplay and deck creation.

Threat Win condition Investment of elixir Punishment for spending elixir Pump response Level-independent Strong when overleveled Weak when underleveled
Knight Bomber Skeleton Barrel Goblin Gang Firecracker Mortar Skeleton Dragons Barbarians Minion Horde Rascals Royal Giant Elite Barbarians Royal Recruits Dart Goblin Earthquake Elixir Golem Fireball Mini P.E.K.K.A Musketeer Hog Rider Valkyrie Battle Ram Furnace Flying Machine Zappies Battle Healer Goblin Cage Giant Goblin Hut Wizard Royal Hogs Rocket Barbarian Hut Three Musketeers Wall Breakers Skeleton Army Goblin Barrel Guards Baby Dragon Hunter Poison Dark Prince Prince Witch Balloon Bowler Cannon Cart Electro Dragon Executioner Giant Skeleton Lightning X-Bow Goblin Giant P.E.K.K.A Golem Miner Princess Bandit Fisherman Royal Ghost Magic Archer Night Witch Inferno Dragon Lumberjack Electro Wizard Ram Rider Graveyard Sparky Lava Hound Mega Knight