Fireball Fireball
Rare · Arena 0 A0

Damage 572
Tower damage 201
Spell radius 2.5

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Card stats

Level Damage Dmg Tower damage Tower dmg
3 325 114
4 357 125
5 393 138
6 432 152
7 474 166
8 520 182
Tournament standard 9 572 201
10 627 220
11 689 242
12 757 265
13 832 292
14 (Mirrored) (Mirr.) 913 320

Expert area

Properties and roles of Fireball

Pump response
Air-attacking splash Ground-attacking splash Knockback effect Anti-air spell Medium-damage spell Spell

Fireball counter(s) these cards   48/99

Cards that Fireball stop(s) or at least help(s) to mitigate the damage. Dimmed card = less effective, but still a counter.

Archers Bomber Cannon Firecracker Minion Horde Tombstone Flying Machine Zappies Goblin Hut Royal Hogs Elixir Collector Three Musketeers Wall Breakers Goblin Barrel Clone Princess Magic Archer Skeletons Bats Minions Skeleton Barrel Goblin Gang Mortar Skeleton Dragons Barbarians Rascals Mega Minion Dart Goblin Musketeer Battle Ram Furnace Bomb Tower Goblin Cage Inferno Tower Wizard Barbarian Hut Skeleton Army Hunter Freeze Witch Balloon Electro Dragon Ice Wizard Night Witch Inferno Dragon Lumberjack Electro Wizard Lava Hound

Fireball synergies   20/99

Cards that play well with Fireball. Dimmed card = less effective, but still a synergy.

Zap Royal Giant Hog Rider Mirror Tornado X-Bow Goblin Giant Giant Snowball Mortar Elite Barbarians Earthquake Giant Royal Hogs The Log Miner Princess Ram Rider Graveyard Lava Hound Mega Knight