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Atualizado pela última vez em: 06/30/2019

Pass Royale Pass Royale

Great improvement for small spenders and free-to-play players too!

Free to play

  • Improved crown chests
  • Less stress from everyday crown-chest duties
  • A possibility for a free legendary

Purchased Pass Royale

  • Ability to queue chest unlock!
  • Unlimited free challenge retries!
  • Improved crown chests
  • Special Pass Royale chests
  • Strikes on crown and Pass Royale chests
  • Tower Skins
  • Exclusive emotes
  • Shiny gold name

Como funciona?

Crown chest rework

Crown chests have been greatly improved. You still unlock them with crowns, but ...

New arena

Legendary arena has been replaced with a boat arena for this season.

Nova carta

One new card is going to be introduced in this update, a Fisherman with a completely new mechanic!

  • He pulls units towards him and damages them.
  • Once close, he attacks with melee damage that slows the units.
  • He can also pull himself towards nearest enemy building!

Gameplay in the videos at the end!

New game modes

Coming to challenges and global tournaments soon.

Outras novidades

... e mais.

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