Frequently asked questions

The best place to get your question answered is the Deck Shop Discord.

I can't find any Bomb Tower decks!

I'm adding decks all the time. I only want good and tested decks on Deck Shop, so when you try one, you can be sure it is good. If you like a card and there aren't enough decks with it, please be patient and try again later.

Why is the Ice Golem classified as 'Weak when underleveled' and 'Level Independent' at the same time?

It's not a bug, it can be both. A lower-level Ice Golem doesn't kill Skarmy, so it's 'Weak'. However, in other aspects such as tanking, it works perfectly fine on lower levels.

My deck has a 'Mediocre' rating, but it's really good!

The deck rating isn't perfect, it's just to see at a glance if you have any apparent problems. You have to take it with a grain of salt. I'm continually working to improve it.

Why is there no synergy between my favorite card and some other card that I use with it?

Counters and synergies are subjective, I had to draw a line somewhere. So maybe it is intentional, maybe not. The best way to see is to join the Discord server and give feedback. I lurk there all the time.

I'd love to help you with the site, what can I do?

First of all, thanks! Right now, I'm developing the web by myself, but if I ever need specialized help, I'll be looking for mature, active and helpful people that are in the Discord server, so join us there.

I have a cool idea to add to Deck Shop. Where can I contact you?

Nice, I like new ideas! First, please check the Deck Shop Roadmap, maybe I'm already working on it! If not, join us in the Discord server and you can give some feedback there.

Did you make the Deck Shop yourself? What language did you use?

Yes, Deck Shop is my baby :) It is written in PHP Nette framework (, MySQL, CSS (Bootstrap v4), JS (jQuery).

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